Welcome to the Anglican Chaplaincy on Lanzarote!

Wonderful to see our churches back to life with visitors and locals alike.
Our next Service of Holy Communion will be on January 30, 2022 at 12.30 PM in Puerto del Carmen.
We will not have a service in Playa Blanca on that day. Please support the food banks and bring some non-perishable items to donate. Thank you! Also for this Sunday, we have published our latest Living Room Service. Please share it with family and friends and let them know about our virtual outreach to all brothers and sisters in Christ.

LIVING ROOM SERVICE #28 – The presentation of Christ in the Temple

A warm welcome to all our new and old visitors from all over the world!

Welcome to our website! Great to see that you are interested in what we have to offer, and we can assure you there is plenty to explore. Whether you are new to it all, be it the island, the church or because you recently discovered your faith – or whether you have been a Christian all your life but looking for a place for worship, fellowship and exchange with like-minded folks, come and meet us. We are a friendly, welcoming team looking forward to meeting you.

On our website we have put together a lot of information which we think you might find helpful, but please get in touch if there is anything missing.

If you are planning your wedding and looking for a blessing or renewal of vows in the unique surroundings of this beautiful sunny island, or want a ceremony of Baptism in one of our services, we would be thrilled to be part of your special day.

Please be assured that you can get in touch with us whenever you need.
For funerals and cremation services, please do not hesitate to ring us or call in at Chaplaincy House in Tias.

We hold regular Sunday services of Holy Communion in two locations on Lanzarote: Puerto del Carmen and Playa Blanca. We have no church buildings of our own and are so lucky to have a close relationship with our Roman-Catholic hosts and are most grateful for the hospitality of the Parishes of Tías and Yaiza for allowing us use of their premises. We would love to see you there, whether you are on holidays or a new or long-term resident. Just come along any Sunday and join our worship. 

If you can’t make it in person you can be part of our “Church Without Walls” – it doesn’t matter where you are, we can still worship together. All our online services are available at all times so you can invite God into your lives and living rooms any time you need Him.

It is our main goal to not leave anybody behind and to work together towards a new and revived church.
We have recently completed the purchase of our new Chaplaincy Centre which allows us to offer a range of activities for everyone, residents and visitors alike. Why not try something new, meet new people and join in the fun!

The Anglican Chaplaincy of St. Laurence in Lanzarote is a part of the Diocese in Europe of the Church of England.

We have to meet all the running costs of the Chaplaincy from our own funds, including all worship material and equipment, prints, Chaplain’s stipend and all that we offer freely to each and everyone. Therefore, we are dependent on giving by our members and visitors to maintain our ministry on the island. All donations are gratefully received.

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A very Happy New Year to you.
We ended the old year with an Open Church by candlelight –
one of the “new small steps” to fulfil our vision of becoming an open, accessible and friendly church for everybody.
We look forward to welcoming you to Lanzarote, to our Chaplaincy and to our services in 2022.

Our January Newsletter is now online for you to read.


We celebrated a wonderful Memorial Service on All Saints’ Day in Puerto del Carmen. This service was supported by the management of Memora Funeral services who expressed a special wish to support the English-speaking population who had lost loved ones.
The violinist Pablo Mesa played during the mass.
Thank you for trusting us to pray on your behalf for your loved ones. Please watch the service in your own time.🙏

Heavenly Father, Lord of sea and sky,
Thank you that You are sovereign over all creation.
But because our earth is fallen and flawed, and for reasons we do not always understand, natural disasters are allowed to happen – disasters that sometimes cause injury and devastation. Your Word tells us that no matter what our circumstances are we can take both big and small things to You in prayer and that You will hear us. Lord, we thank You that no one has been killed from the volcanic eruption on La Palma and we pray it stays that way.

Please keep your people on La Palma safe during this time of uncertainty. God, we also pray that this volcanic eruption would cease quickly so that people would be able to return to their homes.

In the name of Your precious Son, Jesus Christ, Amen.

Our latest LIVING ROOM SERVICE#27 has been published for Christmas 2021.

We provide recorded services that can be watched anytime – easily accessible here on our website and on youtube (Anglican Parish Lanzarote).
Please join in our online worships and pass the links on.

– Craft Classes
– Spanish Conversation Classes
– Cake & Chat
– Daily Fitness Walks
For more info, dates and pictures, click here.

We want to share with you our Suffragan Bishop’s blog entry for November 2, 2020. After the cancellation of his visit to Lanzarote due to travel restrictions, he dedicated his daily post to share the news from our Parish, our work and our plans for the future. We look forward to welcoming Bishop David back to Lanzarote as soon as possible and give thanks for his ongoing support.
Link to Bishop David’s blog

On Monday, September 28th 2020, we received the authorization from our Archdeacon David Waller for our Council member Sunny Schwarz to carry out the duties of a Congregational Worship Leader: Leading Morning and Evening Prayer and Services that comply with the Common Worship Provisions of a Service of the Word.

British Consulate Group welcomed to Chaplaincy Centre
The British Vice Consul for the province of Las Palmas – Jackie Stevenson, and Victoria Innes, a case worker for the Consulate, together with the Honorary British Consul, Sue Thain, were welcomed by the Chaplain – Fr Stan Evans and his wife Rosemary, together with the Secretary, Sunny Schwarz, to the Chaplaincy House and Centre on Friday 11th September.
The visit was arranged to share and network on the various ways in which the Consulate and Centre can work together to help meet the needs of those affected by Covid19 and their families which are under pressure.
Fr Stan stressed his emphasis on the Church being able to serve the local community and agreed to explore further ways in which the Centre can be used for that purpose.
Jackie Stevenson thanked the Chaplain for the support given over recent months for those who found themselves in hospital or stranded through lockdown. It was agreed that all work in partnership to further a ‘network’ of care, working closely at this demanding time.

From left to right: Victoria Innes, Jackie Stevenson, Revd Stan Evans, Sue Thain

A warm welcome to all our new and old visitors from all over the world!

We don’t know how you found our website but are thankful you did and hope you enjoy our homepage.

Please be assured that you can get in touch with us whenever you need to – not only by joining our services in church and by watching our online services but also over the phone and by email.
Wherever you are from, whether we’ve met in person before or not, whatever your nationality or denomination – our door is always open!
It is our main goal to not leave anybody behind and to work together towards a new and revived church. With your help, we will achieve to buy the new Chaplaincy Centre which will allow us to offer manifold new activities for all – locally and online – and invite you to them whenever you are on this beautiful island.
If you want to support us, please use any of our accounts for a donation.
Every little bit helps. Thank you!

If there is any information you miss or if you want to get in touch with us personally, don’t hesitate but call or email us and we will be there for you.
We are a parish with a mission as we seek to further God’s Kingdom on our islands, in fellowship with our sister churches here on Lanzarote. We aim to work closely with the other churches, to offer a united and friendly welcome to people from all over the world, and we are blessed to have so many visitors to our worship. This brings to us a wonderful diversity of culture and language in which we rejoice and give thanks to God, for the diversity of His creation. We are blessed too, to have a regular congregation, who support the ministry and mission of the Chaplaincy. Whether you are a long-term or new resident, a regular visitor, or simply here on holiday, please be assured of a very warm welcome at all our services and events. We love to hear from visitors who have shared worship with us, and do let us know if you are thinking of joining us for worship when you come on holiday to Lanzarote. Our website contains lots of information about us, and whom to contact.