Our Parish Finances

The Church is not immune to the economic changes in society and we have to give serious consideration to the financial situation of the parish of St Laurence here in Lanzarote. Most of our income comes from week on week giving through collections taken at services, together with the contributions of those who give on a regular basis and those who are willing to Gift-Aid their giving. We are not supported financially by the Diocese or any outside organisation.

On the contrary, we have to contribute to the running costs of the Diocese, and we have to be self-sufficient as a parish. Unlike clergy in the UK whose stipends are paid from Central Church Funds, the Chaplain’s stipend and other expenses have to be paid from our own resources.

Over recent years, we have sometimes managed to break about even on income and expenditure; other times we have ended with a deficit which eats into our capital reserves:  precious reserves needed both for future contingencies and for the development of our ministry on this island.

If you would like to help us ensure a forward looking and financially viable Church now and for the future, please get in touch.

We are dependent on the generosity of our regular congregation and visitors in order to maintain our ministry here in Lanzarote.