Support Tom!

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Thomas Carver‘s story might not be known to all of you.
Tom lives with his family in La Asomada and is a very beloved person who attends our services in Puerto del Carmen together with his father, Simon Carver.

He fell terribly ill in January 2013 at the age of only 21. What was thought a bad cold was in fact a virus that shut down multiple organs and his life was on the edge.
He spent weeks in ICU, specialized hospitals and recovery and made steady progress over the years, but the damage to his brain and organs is so massive that further steps now have to be taken to hopefully allow him to regain a quality of life which he deserves.

We are supporting Tom and his family by raising donations to afford a very promising and innovative therapy in Valencia.
The costs for the first trip were 2.000 €.
But there will be more and longer trips for further assessments.
Too much for anyone – but please consider helping Tom with whatever you can afford – any donation big or small is very much appreciated as are your prayers for Tom and his family.

Any financial support for Tom is much appreciated – if you are one of our remote friends and supporters – please use our Donate button and the reference “Support Tom”.
God bless you.


First update November 24,  2019:
The assessment in Valencia went very well and Tom will go on with this special treatment – so we keep raising money to make sure this wonderful lad can keep going!
Just have a look at the short video of him during his assessment, not only is he able to move his legs while in that harness, but he is enjoying himself and smiling all the way despite the hard work.
Tom was in Church today with his father Simon and I (this is Sunny, Information Officer of the Anglican Parish) had the chance to meet him and talk to him about the further treatment plans.
We will do anything we can – share his story, ask for donations, get in touch with airlines and hotels to see if we can get lower rates for them… but most of all it is your prayers and motivation and our inclusion of Tom into our Parish life that will make such a difference.
Please do keep on supporting him. This isn’t a one-off, but a long way to go.
Let’s work together to see Tom one day go down the aisle on his own two legs.