Comments from our friends

Feedback on our LIVING ROOM SERVICES #9 and #10 (Remembrance Service):

Another wonderful service – with a beautiful opening prayer – thank you. My best wishes to you and all my friends on Lanzarote. I hope you all keep safe and well.
… Hi Stan, what a very beautiful Service! Thank you for letting me see it/feel part of it. You have included wonderful worship, carefully crafted prayers -and your own very helpful message.
May the Service be a blessing to all who see it.
… We feel so blessed…thank you for sharing so much love and outreach.You say 57 minutes but it means a whole life span to us….thank you! Touched to tears…
… Thank you for your Remembrance Day service. It is so easy to forget just how many ordinary people get caught up in any conflict, be it world war or the ongoing violence which has been banished from our screens by Covid and the USA elections.
Thank you Stan for reminding us that we are all his children in God’s sight even though unimportant in the world view and thank you Sunny for the pictures you used especially the ones you used to illustrate ‘Make me a Channel of your peace’ and ‘Beauty for brokenness’, they were lovely.
Once again well done the team.
… Thank you both for a thoughtful, poignant Remembrance service. The graphics and videos were lovely, as always.  The song and photos for God of the poor, friend of the weak are truly humbling and always very moving, especially with the addition of the photos covering Covid.Thank you so much again .Kind regards and best wishes.

Feedback on our LIVING ROOM SERVICES #7 and #8 (Harvest Service):

… Well done indeed Stan for making the transition to online worship so effectively, for hanging in there in tough circumstances. Every blessing, + Robert
… Dear Stan, I have been privileged to dip into your online worship from time to time. There is a palpable joy and enthusiasm in adversity that is lovely to experience. Thank you for keeping us in touch. Andrew Caspari
… Dear Stan, Sunny, You are very welcome – I thought your service for Harvest was beautifully put together in every respect, and an outstanding example of a digital service offering in these times.  With all good wishes to you and friends at St Laurence’s, Damian Thwaites
… Just a personal note to thank you for taking the time and trouble to produce and deliver such a wonderful service yesterday. We know from S. there were a lot of hiccups, but the end result was superb!
… Das war ein wunderschöner Erntedankgottesdienst. Danke, das ich wieder dabei sein durfte. Liebe Grüße an alle, die geholfen haben, den Gottesdienst zu gestalten. Freu mich schon aufs nächste Mal. (That was a wonderful Harvest Thanksgiving Service. Thank you for having me. My love to all who helped to create this service. I look forward to the next!)
… Thank you both again for all the time and effort you put in to make these services available to us, We really do appreciate it and love joining in!
… We have just finished watching this service and it was wondrous! The hymns were excellent and so were all the readings! Thank you both so much for all the effort you put into providing this wonderful resource for us, we greatly appreciate it! Wishing you a safe and happy week ahead.
… During our lunch, we turned up the volume and enjoyed every moment of your beautiful service. We are filled with love, humility and awe as we share yet another fabulous service. Our hearts, our minds, our souls just get carried away into a higher presence as we listen to your touching moments from Lanzarote. We love your soft gentle voice and powerful opening message, Sunny, followed by Revd. Stan’s  sincerity and wholehearted embracing of all that is good, is pure and rich in spirit.
… Your biggest fans are sent out in the spirit of love, of enrichment and peace to face anything that comes our way, knowing that God is with us in everything we undertake! 
… N. and I are really grateful for all the resources that you and the team have given us. We follow whatever you put on line and on Sunday’s we reflect with you at around 12:30 then raise a glass in virtual fellowship at about 13:30. The New chaplaincy house looks fantastic and must be a great resource we look forward to seeing it when we next visit.
… Thank you so much for Living Room Service! I kept it until this evening so I could “attend” church this weekend! What a lovely, uplifting service – sang along with the hymns and loved seeing so many familiar places on the Island as background to a hymn. Well done on finding something for the youngsters – such an important part of the service.
… We both enjoy the services and feel we are part of them.

Feedback on our LIVING ROOM SERVICES #4, #5 and #6:
… Thank you so much for yet another wonderful service!
… Many thanks. Es war mal wieder so schön und hat gut getan.
… I have just listened to service no.6 and found much peace from your opening prayer right to “Make me a channel of your peace”! The sermon was excellent to think about. Not heard the hymn ” Jesus, you are changing me”, it was a simple yet beautiful song. Your work is much appreciated.
…We are once again awe struck listening to  and watching your wonderful living room service.
I don’t know how you do it, time after time, you reach out across the miles with arms of love and peace and oneness! A big God bless and warm hugs of love, of gratitude and praise for a work of art in all its splendor!
… Many thanks for your email and for the Service for Sunday which I very much appreciated and enjoyed.
… Yes, we enjoyed Communion this morning, but overall got more emotionally from your virtual service, believe it or not. Your opening prayer, and Stan’s Intercession prayers are so very powerful, they are very stirring.
… Thank you both for your ongoing endeavours to provide services to us until we are able to meet.
… Thank you both so much for a wonderful service….all the hymns were tremendous ( yes Sunny even the one which I said I initially found mournful, in light of his tragedy the words are amazing) –> that was “It is well with my soul”.
… It would be a great honour to read the Gospel for one of your videoed services and a privilege to join those who have read over the past few months – a number of whom I know.
… Once more I write to thank you and your team for the continuing services which have become our main communal way of worship. We would encourage you and your team to continue streaming services when you can. You have been of great spiritual support to us and we wish you and Rosie every blessing.
… Thank you very much for Living Room 5.  I am so glad to read that you can go back into church for your services and hope this will continue for you all.
… Thank you so much for the Living Room Service. I enjoyed service 3 again. Such a powerful message regarding Faith. Wishing you well as you prepare the next Virtual Service and pray that we may be back again in church soon.
… Thank you so much for the Living Room services 3 & 4. I’m sorry for not thanking you earlier but I was late watching 3 and have just finished 4.  Again wonderful to feel connected even though there is such a distance between our islands. 
… Thank you for the glorious service I watched this morning.

Feedback on our third LIVING ROOM SERVICE:
…. First of all a big thank you to you and your team for the Living Room services.  It has been such a pleasure to link up with you all in Lanzarote again and to see and hear your reassuring voice and the thought-provoking sermons!.  Love the choice of hymns and regularly find one of my favourites!

.. We just love those services…the visuals are magnificent and the wonderful depth of sincerity and love shine through. Thank you from our hearts. Superb!

… Thank you both so much for yet another wonderful service, you excelled yourselves! The hymns started very well and just got better and better, even for a die hard traditionalist like me… We literally would be lost without these uplifting services and are so grateful that you take what must be considerable time and effort into each one. So, thank you again. Hope you have a good week. Stay safe. Keep well. P.S. unless you surpass yourselves with a service even better than this, I think this week’s will be the one we turn to when we are eventually allowed to travel again!

…I t has been lovely to keep in touch with the aid of Sunny’s skills, but I’m afraid we are  no nearer to planning our next  visit yet.

… I watched this this afternoon – brilliant, by far the best one of those so far – very thought provoking prayers.
I had intended to keep for Sunday, I can always see it again! Thank you for including my request. 

… Many thanks for this. Really appreciate all the effort you are all putting into these services.

… Thank you for the wonderful service! Lovely opening prayer and intercessions- thank you!

… I feel so connected to the place and people I so dearly miss while I can’t return to Lanzarote. Please know that without your virtual services, my Sundays would be lonely and sad. I look forward every day of the week to join in your worship, and now that you don’t have a weekly one anymore, I go back to the older ones and enjoy them again. While our church is open again, the services are not even close to what you provide. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Feedback on our second LIVING ROOM SERVICE:
… Refreshingly beautiful, deeply spiritual, brim full of sincere outreaching love. Superb!

… just watched the 2nd living room service. How could I possibly critisize it! The Lords Prayer signed was a lovely touch as was the children’s songs, so much thought seems to be put into every service.

… We thoroughly enjoyed yesterday’s service, thank you so much! It was so uplifting, and in our view perfect in every way. Needless to say we would always choose a Holy Communion service over any other!

… Beautiful service, thank you.

… Wow, once again, we are refreshed spiritually! Your beautiful services just keep getting better and better….if that is possible??? You know what I would love  if it is at all possible please….I know our grandchildren would just love to have the kiddies section to learn the verses off by heart and sing their little hearts out! I wonder is it possible to have that section sent to me separately PLEASE????? I know that is a big ask and I will understand if it is not possible… worth a try!!!! They both bellow their little hearts out with “All things bright and beautiful” and The Rainbow would be superb…I love it…magic!! (Remark: Of course we can send the kids’ hymns!)

… We hope you are well and once again congratulations on such a professional first class service…you are simply the best! 💕💕 Our love, our praise and sincerest thanks. The fabulous hymns, the meaningful intercessions and Fr.Stan’s humble sincerity make it all such a joy to look forward to…thank you from our hearts.

… Thank you, Father Stan, for another wonderful Living Room service. We look forward to taking part in your service. It makes us feel that we are in Playa Blanca on holiday. Having watched every service you have done I feel I know the setting to the Gloria so can sing along and also with all the hymns. We really look forward to your service as although we have a service on YouTube from our local Church they don’t include any hymns which is a favourite pastime.

Feedback on our first LIVING ROOM SERVICE:

… Oh that is superb, thank you so much! It is a beautiful service packed with love, with humility and with the magical joys of little tots loving their Creator and praising His magnificent world of wonderful Nature. THAT WAS A TRUE JOY from beginning to end. We were lost in the sheer spirituality and oneness of it all, linking Lanzarote with the globe on such a level of powerful prayer. Words fail me…that was a revelation of child-like piety and God-given deity intermingled with charm, charisma and divine interception. Carried away is an  understatement….simply loved every moment of it all. Thank you, Revd. Stan….you have us on you fingertips…you bring us to the Lord and engage us with His angels!! THANK YOU ALL sincerely. We are indebted with the sheer volume of love and Christian outreach you so happily share. Thank you with all the love and appreciation in our beings.

… Thanks for all you have done with this, its been of high quality and I’m sure has brought comfort and a good continuing link with the church for many.

… Well, that was very different and a wonderfully uplifting short service, thank you very much! Would it be possible for you to send us the children’s bit, with the hymn and the prayer please? Keep up the good work!

Feedback on our first service back in church on July 5, 2020 (recorded and published):

… Thank you very much for all you have done bringing the services to us all these weeks and we enjoyed seeing the attended service! Thank you, again, Father Stan. Take care in the coming weeks.

… Hello Rev Stan, I just wanted to covey my thanks to you and the wonderful team who took the time to put together the amazing services for the last 16 weeks. I have enjoyed being with you every Sunday. My partner and I have been coming to Lanzarote every year, sometimes twice since 2005. We have plans to spend our winters on the island when we retire in a few years time. We start services in some form next Sunday, but I am missing you all today. Hope to see you in December. My best wishes as you come out of lock down. Keep safe and well.

… So today, I turned to that special service, which once again, I found so meaningful, for such a time as this. I enjoyed the prayers especially and felt included, that is quite important I always think when saying prayers, to make them inclusive. Anyhow, had a few tears as Father Stan shared the peace in his own inimitable way. What a blessing and a joy you all have been, thanks from the bottom of my heart…

…That was just amazing… thank you for the superb sharing. Simon and Tom were just great…. loved the intercessions full of spirit and fervent prayer. Thank you Revd. Stan for a heartful meaningful service. Praise and love pour out from this little corner of the globe.

… Hola, we so much appreciated seeing the service this morning, in fact it brought tears to my eyes, it was lovely. The music and singing too was so uplifting.

… A heart felt thank you from us for making each service so very special. We will most certainly be looking forward to the monthly online services in the future!

… We have followed every Sunday service with you at 12:30 and gained so much from them. This morning we followed your recoded Sunday Mass it was lovely to see PDC church again.

… It was so good to see you back in church – although strange to see you all in masks! There are usually a lot more in the congregation when I have attended as it is usually busy with holidaymakers. I enjoyed your prayers!

… Thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to edit Sunday’s service, we really enjoyed it. It felt good to be able to see and hear you all! We hope your week is going well and will keep in touch. Thank you again and God bless.

…Have just watched last week’s service on the video link you sent. Congratulations, you have done a great job.

Feedback on our service on June 28,2020:
… Today Bishop David called on us to focus on the small things. And maybe the last 16 weeks have been small individually but collectively they have been enormous and provided us safe harbour in this time of uncertainty. Thank you to everyone who has made it happen, especially two unsung heroes, Sunny and Rosemary. For those of us not on the island, Sundays won’t be quite the same.

… What a wonderful online service.  A very professional offering. A joy to worship with you.

… Thank you so much for enabling us to join together in worship over these last 16 weeks. A special thank you to those who have worked behind the scenes to bring these services to us, a big thank you to Sunny who has been responsible for the technical side of each service. These services have meant so much to so many people during these very difficult times. As Bishop David said these past weeks have made us more appreciative of the small things and highlighted to us just how special family are to us. We look forward to a time when we can all be together once again. We will now enter an exciting time of thinking of the future of our church here on Lanzarote and ask for guidance and support in the challenges that face us. May God bless Stan and Rosie over the coming months.

… So sad that this is a final week of Sunday worship. God Bless all involved and thank you.

… Well, you truly excelled yourselves this week, we have just finished watching and the entire service was wonderful, thank you.

… This will surely be the one we watch regularly and especially when we are allowed to travel the world again and are unable to attend a live service.

… As you said, Bishop David was truly inspirational, so much so that unlike me, I am lost for words! We look forward to receiving your monthly services, until we are able to join you in person.

… Thanks for your excellent prayers this morning – inspirational way to finish.

… A big thanks for the team that has worked so hard in producing the Sunday services – you all went out with a big bang with Bishop Hope sermon. We look forward to the living room services starting July.

… Dear Stan, Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your wonderful ministry that has sustained us ( and many, many more) over the past number of months. As we exit lockdown we will miss the weekly gathering with you, but look forward to your occasional online service. Thank you to all your team for readings, prayers and those wonderful graphics and especially to you for the sincerity of each Sunday’s celebration and your reflections. With renewed thanks and praying for God’s blessing on you and Rosie.

… So sad that we have had our last weekly service but look forward to joining in with the monthly services.
Lovely prayers today – thank you!

… The tears are streaming down my face. What a beautiful service – very emotive. I can only be thankful that I will be with you all in person next week. After that I will wait in anticipation until we can be together again through the Live Servicing link.

… That was a profoundly moving service today, and a splendidly uplifting exit to lockdown. Thank you both so much for all the inspiration and back-breaking work you have put into all those services for the last sixteen weeks. The world will be a three-quarters poorer place without them. 

… ich will nochmal Danke sagen für wieder einen sehr schönen Gottesdienst. Diese eine Stunde am Sonntag bedeutet mir sehr viel. Ich werde diese Gottesdienste vermissen. Alles Liebe und bleibt gesund!! (Let me say thank you once again for yet another beautiful service. This 1h on Sundays means so much to me and I will miss the weeklies very much! Lots of love and stay safe!)

… Just watched the Service – my 3rd and S.’s 4th for today!! +David looks good and his words as inspirational as ever.
I have forwarded to 3 other retired clergy friends who all had ministries in the Wakefield Diocese. I’m sure they will enjoy too and forward to others. Did S. do the graphics? They were fab. Congrats to all those involved. Set up for the day now!!

… Lost in Wonder, Awe and Praise!🎶💃🎶 Thank you for yet another fabulous hour of worship together! Tears flow….. not of sadness because we know this is only the beginning of something even more wonderful, but of humility…. that one tiny church could reach out with such LOVE.
Revd.Stan, you are a shining light, a beacon of hope and a rock of security and trust. What a privilege to know you… thank you! Sunny, the work load you carry has been enormous throughout those 16 weeks. No one in the whole world deserves more praise and admiration for your dedication and sheer beauty of worship. We love the graphics echoing God’s love, compassion and magnificent wonder. Your intercession readings today were superb… brimming with meaning and sincerity.

… Having your Bishop friend today was just great…. shows what he thinks of our fabulous Chaplain in Lanzarote, to give of his time! We are blessed…honoured and forever grateful for your friendship and your love. May God bless you all richly.

… This is a wonderful service and so uplifting for our onward journey as the New Church here in Lanzarote.

… I would like to say a very warm and grateful thank you for the weeks of wonderful services from Lanzarote.


Feedback on our service on June 21, 2020:

… Thank you again for last Sunday’s service – wonderful to have the support of the Archdeacon and Bishop, I enjoyed his sermon on a difficult reading!

.. Danke für die schöne Übersetzung der Predigt, die ich voll Freude gelesen habe.Was ihr so leistet: Hut ab !!!!!
(Thank you for the beautiful translation of the sermon which I read with lots of joy! I am full of awe of what you have achieved!)

… what a great service! And again, you changed a few small things to make it even more perfect! I so much enjoyed listening to the Bishop – super!

… Thank you for the wonderful service this morning.
We thoroughly enjoyed it and are becoming melancholy that we only have next week left…..but are consoled to go out on a high with Bishop David! With love and prayers!

… Thank you so much for the link and the sermon – I have seen lots of online services, but nothing as good and comforting and real as yours!

… Thank you once again for a fabulous service…we can never wait till Sunday morning, but will replay again to join with you in spirit tomorrow!
It was sooooo good to sing, to listen and just  ‘BE’ in the midst of God’s embracing power. You may never fully know how far, how wide and how deep your wonderful weekly service from Lanzarote, ripples and embraces each soul with so much love… is palatable and very real. Thank you from our hearts.
We know the enormous effort you put into your weekly service. It is like a holy space from Heaven itself…words just fail to describe the enshrined capsule of pure love and peace! Thank you!

… A lovely service as we have come to expect. Today’s reading of the gospel and commentary offered each one of us a timely challenge. Thank you.

… I have watched every service with you and I can’t imagine a Sunday without them. It was such a difficult time and you pulled us through – always something to look forward or even to replay during the week!

Feedback on our service on June 14, 2020:

… A wonderful, uplifting service. Barnabas would be proud.

…Thank you Stan for sharing your nephews story. It really does show how powerful prayer really is, especially when you have an encourager! May your nephew’s health go from strength to strength. Thank you to you, Sunny and others that have been there for us – giving us words of encouragement and providing us with these virtual services which we certainly look forward to each week. They lift our spirits and help us through the week. A big, heartfelt thank you.

… Many thanks for this.

…Thank you so much for yet another wonderful service! The amount of work that goes into preparation of all that is amazing. As we watched together, we joined in the beautiful hymns and loved the fantastic background scenes. We were just enchanted with “Lord of the Dance” and the wonderful Canarian dancers in costume…  absolutely superb! You are a force to be reckoned with there in Anglican Church Lanzarote!! Please let Revd. Stan know that we pray with love for his nephew! Life has its challenges but it may help to know we are all there helping in prayer.

…This really is another beautiful service. Many thanks for this.

… Have once again joined in your lovely service this morning and sung and prayed with you all, thank you so much!

… Dear Stan, Thanks so much for making it possible for us to join you for this morning’s service and for your inspiring and truly encouraging sermon!

…I think you excelled yourself this week! I am a big fan of Canarian dancing so it was wonderful to see as part of today´s service. Have a great week and I will look forward to next week´s service.

… Thank you once again for bringing the Service of Holy Communion into my home when all Churches are closed (except for private prayer).  As always I admire the amount of work which goes into making this programme.  It was joy to see the folk dancing. Thank you for reviving that lovely memory. I shed the odd tear during the singing of When I needed a neighbour…  We all need good neighbours and I have one either side of me. My God bless you all, and keep smiling!

… Thank you again for yet another wonderful service. A delight to take part in from start to finish. Given all the worldwide issues we are undergoing your hymns and intercession prayers were all the more poignant. Have a good week and take care!

…Thank you again for superb service!

… Another wonderful service. I know that you are fully instrument in creating the “production” and I offer you our heartfelt thanks for all your time and skills. The service most certainly wouldn’t be the same without your input.

… Thank you once again for a beautiful service.  We look forward to receiving the others in June and then monthly.

…. The service on Sunday was so uplifting! Yes, we certainly all need an encourager and thank you for being my encourager over these last few weeks.  Do hope your nephew continues to improve.

Feedback on our Service on June 7, 2020

…We love getting your wonderful link each week! Thank you once again for the beautiful experience of sharing in your worship! We can never wait till Sunday!!! We love joining in the hymns, listening to the readings and to being spiritually connected to Revd Stan’s wonderful sermons and warmth of outreach. Thank you too for the enormous amount of work you put into creating the beauty of the service, Sunny! It is all appreciated with thanks and love.

… Well, that was a wonderful service this morning, thank you so very much! It’s the first time we’ve left it to watch till your time, and it was definitely worth the wait. Wonderful hymns and wonderful readings, we feel ready to face the week ahead, and hope you stay safe!

…Well done again. We thoroughly enjoyed the service.

… Thank you once again for all your hard work in bringing to us another lovely Service. It was good to see and hear Margaret. I met her several times when her husband was Locum. As always the pictures were so inspiring, especially the superb sunset. It is good to know that the Church building will be available in July for Services, but I for one will miss the one you send.

… Thank you for a beautiful service. It was a pleasure to be part of it. Thanks also Stan for your very generous intro!  You are very kind. Stay well my friends.

… Again a wonderful service. Keep well and safe.

… Thank you for another lovely service and beautiful graphics.

… Thank you for today’s service. Beautifully presented as always and loved the hymns. Am determined to join you in person when your services restart in July  (not necessarily in July but as soon as I can) but will miss the weekly internet ones.

… Once again we really enjoyed celebrating with you at 12:30 today. A really uplifting celebration and a sense of fellowship. Thank you so much.

Feedback on our Service on May 31, 2020

…my dear friend, your beautiful service has filled me with the love, praise and renewed hope, I needed right now! The joy of being able to take part, to  listen to your lovely hymns and hear the magnificent singing of The Lord’s Prayer with all the fabulous visuals…. lifts our hearts  with renewed meaning and strength! Superb! Thank you! 

… We were out walking today when I realised I hadn’t let you know how much we enjoyed the service.

… For your Sunday worship, lots in there to mull over: loved the tree fresco behind Samara doing the reading  with photos… I thought the intercession prayers were both sensitive and meaningful,  for where we are, everyone could recognise their needs from those…. and of course, sharing the peace in a new novel way, touches my heart.  The singing of the Lord’s prayer… with visuals, plenty of little rainbows for me to pick up on…. and the last hymn, with the ladies on their zimmer frames, enjoying singing and dancing…… we all learn something from this Sunday gathering. 

MAY 23rd, 2020
Revd. Stan is simply one in a million! With him, Rosemary, your brilliant information officer Sunny and all the parish team, you have become the true modern day ‘disciples’ with a superb vision, and oodles of deep Christian love, Your warm outreach coupled with your generous giving, showers us all with spiritual blessings weekly. Thank you from our hearts. Your virtual service is one of the single most important highlights of each week!
We wish you health and happiness in your exciting parish project, while we send you our love, our thanks and deepest appreciation.
Harry & Vera Atkinson.

Feedback on our service on May 24th, 2020:

…Truly wonderful and uplifting service and sermon this morning. Thank you – Your ministry is amazingly powerful and effective! Bless you.

… We listened to the service from Lanzarote and once again we were totally absorbed in the words, music and pictures. It all adds up to a wonderful experience for us both. I am always impressed by the variety and number of backdrops you put with the words and music. They are always so perfect. My heartfelt thanks for all you do to make the service so uplifting.

… Thank you so much for a wonderful service this morning, 24th May.

… Ich liebe diese Gottesdienste, Danke auch für die deutsche Übersetzung der Predigt!!

… I always wait in anticipation for your Sunday Service. You never fail to move me. Make me a channel of your peace is one of my favorite hymns. When you followed it with Immortal, Invisible it was beyond my expectations as this too is a hymn very special to me. The readings were read very well. I love an Irish accent! Tina read from the heart. The captions with a purple background were a lot clearer to read. I can’t wait until next week’s service!

… Good evening – thank you once again in delivering a wonderful uplifting service. I was delighted to read of the exciting news of a new chaplaincy house which will enable so much more to be offered. The church is truly going from strength to strength. Praise be to God.

… Thanks again for yet another wonderful service this morning. With the added bonus of 3 of our very favourite hymns…not difficult for you to guess which, but you must be psychic!

… Week by week the services are becoming more and more poignant and very emotive, I was crying so much at the end I could hardly sing!

… Dear Stan, you and your team become more splendid week by week, in honest prayer and in such humble, beautiful and encouraging hospitality. Keep it up, and take care of yourselves!

… Thank you Stan again for the wonderful service.

… Thanks Stan.  Lovely service as usual.

… I watched the service today. You produced another fantastic broadcast. And it was lovely to see Tina and her gorgeous daughter Anna is a real cutie.

… Dear Stan and Sunny, Many thanks once again for a lovely uplifting Service. You are all doing a grand job during this difficult time. Good news to hear that there will be a new Chaplaincy House – I always thought the present one is not really fit for purpose. Keep safe and smiling. 

Feedback on our service on May 17th, 2020:
…. Wonderful service again. The team are doing a superb job. I really look forward to Sunday and being able to join all my special friends for this event. It will be be a sad day when we are jot able to do this every week.

… Dear Stan, Once again, a thank you from an extended number of people who watch your virtual service every Sunday.  We have being forwarding the link to various friends and relations who are all advising us how much they appreciate the work that you and your team put into it. 

…The final postscript from you all…..Not many people love us, just the way we are.. but Jesus does….  isn’t that amazing…  I still find it so. 

….Thank you for putting together another wonderful service for yesterday- it was a lovely opportunity to sit quietly and enjoy prayer time knowing that we are all together.

… Dear Stan, Thank you again for a wonderful service. You have no idea how much it means to me.

… Dear Stan and Sunny,  Thank you once again for an admirable Communion Service.  I look forward to this every week.  During this dreadful time of lock down and worry about the Covid 19, your Service is the best thing in my life at the moment.  You manage so well to make it both inspirational and friendly.  Please carry on with this good work.  Keep Safe. 

… Thank you for that, lovely music, and 10 out of 10 for your readers…

… Thank you for a lovely service today. I enjoyed envisioning Stan dancing a jig in the village shop and loved the christening picture.

… Very well done! Very emotive and brilliantly presented.

… Stan, what can I say? Your services get better each week – the fantastic graphics, the hymns, the readings, the prayers, your address and the sincerity with which you celebrate Holy Communion all make us wonder how we will be able to return to “normal”  again, whatever that normal may be.

… I must congratulate you on the videos in this morning’s service. They were so emotive I was moved to tears and felt that there was more I could do to help those less fortunate than I. The whole service had a profound affect on me. I felt proud and humbled to be a part of it.

… Thank you both so much for making the service so meaningful and powerful. “Come Down O Love Divine” is one of our very favourite hymns. We have watched it early as we were already awake thought we would give our Sunday a boost and watch you straight away.

… Many thanks, Sunny! When a wonderful “virtual” church service from Lanzarote becomes the highlight of our week… you know you have hit the jackpot!!! The fabulous background visuals, the fantastic uplifting service of unity and heart-warming outreach are superb. Thank you Revd. Stan and your dedicated team! You reach our hearts and touch our souls with love and peace…in essence, our cups overflow with your gifts of “Spiritual Oxygen” ! We appreciate the huge workload your beautiful weekly service entails….. we thank you from our hearts.

Feedback on our service on May 10th, 2020:

… Dear Stan and Sunny,  Thank you once again for your Communion Service brought right into my home.  It was a joy to join in and to see both Simon and Tom reading.

… Lovely prayers from yourself, Sunny – we appreciate how long it takes to put the service together. Great to see Tom and his Dad.

… Thank you for providing another wonderful service for us all today. Special thanks to you for your Intercessions – some lovely words and thought provoking – totally inspirational.

… Danke für diese immer wieder schöne Stunde und danke euch für die viele liebevolle Arbeit, die ihr euch immer wieder macht. Liebe Grüße und bleibt gesund!

… Well done everyone. Stay Well . So many people are relying on you every week.

… Thank you so much yet again for this wonderful service, which we have only just been able to watch today! Hope you are all well, and look forward to joining you again next week. We shall miss the weekly services very much when you stop them!

… Thank you very much for another lovely and uplifting service. We are so grateful to you and all those who support you in this massive amount of work.

… Thank you for a most wonderful service yesterday! I am so glad it was possible to follow it virtually, not only for me but for everyone else who had access to it this way. Your sermon was the most poignant, important and moving that I have ever heard. Would it be possible to have the script for it? I would so like to have it on record to go back to every now and then.

… Thank you for all the good work done in getting the service ready for us each week. i have really enjoyed them and look forward to Sunday each week.

Feedback on our service on May 3rd, 2020:

… Each week you fill our hearts with Christian love that engulfs nations… what a sheer joy and privilege to be part of that link! Thank you for all the hours of hard work entailed in making that possible. Supreme! We are enriched to Go in peace and love! Our love and gratitude to one and all.

… Dear Fr Stan, It was a joy to share Mass with you this morning, thank you and the team so much.

… Stan, the service this morning was truly wonderful. We felt part of the congregation and spiritually received communion. The prayers as usual were so relevant. We do hope you will be able to continue streaming your services on line for as long as you can. It is ten weeks since we were in church locally. With love and continuing prayer…

… Thank you once again, for another wonderful service, delivered very professionally and shared with enthusiasm.

… Dear Stan, Thanks for another great service. We really hope this extraordinary time produces all sorts of positives for the future.

… Hi Sunny, Thanks for another inspiring Sunday service. Reverend Stan, my spirits are always uplifted when I listen to this service. The hymns and music were beautiful. I am learning new hymns every week!

… Hello Stan and Sunny, It’s so good to hear the familiar comfortable words of the communion service when we are so far away from you!

… You have excelled yourself!  The hymns and the music today were spot on and very moving. Thank you so much. You have put so much into our e-services that they deserve to go viral! 

… Loved the Mum and son duo doing the first reading. And I am going to remember Father Stan’s “keep pedalling, when you wobble on your bike” story for the rest of the week.  Kiss of love reaches out to us all, ace visuals, great hymns and the readings were meaningful and appropriate for such a time as this.  Leaving us plenty of food for thought for the week, until we meet again. 

… A big thank for the excellent work yourself and the team does in producing the Sunday services. We look forward to your Sunday service ahead of anything from the UK.

… Thank you once again for the Service on Sunday.  The flowers at the beginning and the night sky at the end were both lovely and uplifting.   It looks as if the end of lockdown is a little bit nearer but we still have to be very careful not to set off another ‘spike’ in this dreadful virus. 

Feedback on our service on April 26th, 2020:

…Wow oh wow…. thank you for yet another wonderful service of love, of beauty and of spiritual uplift! We are truly blessed to have you share with us. We love the fabulous background illustrations which link us and remind us of God’s ever flowing goodness of wonder and love. Thank you from our hearts. Sunny…. you are a true gift! We love your news link, thank you! Hope is eternal and magical. It is seeing light in spite of being surrounded by darkness and once you choose Hope, anything’s possible!  That is your vision… that is our aspiration! THANK YOU one and all.

… Thank you for the wonderful services that you and your parishioners are making at the moment. I know a lot of work goes into making them. I really do appreciate the effort you have gone to. Your sermon last week was particularly inspiring. Thank you again. 

…That is a total focus brimming with positivity and love! God bless your excellent work in Lanzarote, enthusiastically led by a very talented group of happy outreaching folk! We look forward to next week’s service!

… Dear Stan and Sunny, Thank you once again for bringing the Communion Service right into our homes. It was good to hear familiar voices and to see Geoff Arrand reading the Gospel. He was a very popular visiting priest and locum in LZ and remembered as a good and kind man.

… Dear Fr Stan, thank you for allowing us to join you all in Lanzarote for Mass today. It was a fantastic experience. Once again many thanks. I have shared your link extensively round our own Congregation as very little is being done by our priest. I am pleased to say that at least 4 families viewed and all have sent  fantastic feedback asking for your Newsletter which I have forwarded to them all.

… Dear Stan, Thank you yet again for a wonderful service today, your visuals and graphics are really superb. We have shared the you tube videos with a number of our friends and the one word which is regularly used to describe their reaction is “inspirational”. So be encouraged brother, your work is being appreciated and most importantly our Lord is being worshipped through these services far and wide.

… God Bless keep up your very good work with producing this video for us to take part in from a distance – I look forward to Sunday lunchtimes.

… Stan you are getting better and better although you were pretty damn good at it from day one.

… Full of beauty! Clapping of our Lord into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, reminded of our weekly clap ins… seeing something as simple as a daisy chain, and the birds followed by a rainbow.. was enough for me… but more followed.  I like Rev. Stan saying he was a faithful realist… and the Nicene creed, with all the different accents made me realise that our world is small, but made better by our diversity. The lonely figure looking to the mountain, reminded me of my own frailty being isolated, but not alone.  Intercession prayers excellent, and meaningful, then the kiss of love for sharing the peace… wonderful. And lastly, the motto… not many people love you the way you are…. I have always marvelled at the fact that God loves me, warts and all.  Took me a long time to realise that. Thank you for all involved in this outreach, am sending it off to my cousin in California, who is also isolated…So God’s love, passing through you all, in going right around the world. A pleasure to join with you. Thank you for the uplift.

… Once again I was impressed with yesterday’s service. It is a pleasure for me to learn new hymns and see the beautifully presented videos that accompany them. It’s also good to see the different landscapes within Lanzarote. It is obvious that you put a lot of effort and thought into the presentation of the weekly services. It was also heart lifting to hear the wonderful comments about the 105 year old lady that read the epistle reading the previous Sunday. Keep up the good work. I look forward to next week’s service.

… Many thanks for your email Stan.  Sue and I really enjoy your Sunday services. Full marks to your IT expert, the combination of lovely “sing-alongable” hymns, the spectacular photo shots and your always sincere prayers make it a special event for us.

… Dear Stan, Hearty thanks and congratulations on your recent Services to you and to your skilled and generous allies.

… Dear Sunny, just a little thank you for all that you bring to us in the putting together of our Sunday Services. I do appreciate all the time and effort that goes into them. I particularly loved the background pictures that changed during the prayers. So looking forward to the day we can all give thanks together.

Feedback on our service on April 19th, 2020:

…Thank you and Father Stan for all the hard work you have put into providing these videos for us. We particularly enjoyed the holy week and Easter services. Wonderful. In these difficult when we can’t attend our own church service, here in the UK, it is so gratifying to ‘take part’ in our other church service over in Lanzarote. Thank you all, once again, for providing the videos. Please keep them coming if you can.

… THANK YOU SO MUCH! Your delightful service is such a joy to our hearts, filling us with love, with forgiveness, with the blessings of God’s spirit and the oneness of your beautiful outreach. We are enriched beyond words. Thank you with our love and gratitude.

… Just watched your service Stan. Well done. Excellent job and brilliant preach. 

… Morning Stan, Thank you all in Lanzarote for these wonderful services. I look forward to sharing with you and great to join in with the hymn singing. 

… We just love the warmth and spiritual outreach from Revd Stan and from his wonderful tireless background team! No 1 being Sunny.. whom we would love to meet when we get to our villa in Playa Blanca again!! God bless till next week!

… Dear Sunny, Thank you once again for the Service from St. Laurence Church in Lanzarote. I found the picture of the island during the singing of the Lords Prayer very lovely but it brought tears to my eyes! I do miss seeing those scenes for myself. Please thank Father Stan for his words of comfort at this awful time for all of us. Keep up the good work, please keep safe.

… What a wonderful service this morning – truly inspiring and uplifting. Thank you so much for making it possible for us to be with you. Your ministry in this way  is a real blessing to so many. Best wishes and our love as ever.

… Sunny, Yet again we have loved sharing worship with you all. It is so well done. We would be very happy to do the readings one Sunday, or perhaps the intercessions. Please know that we think of you often.

… Another great performance. I was particularly happy you were able to include some photographs of Lanzarote, something l was going to suggest.

… I joined the service early today. Once again a very wonderful service. Thank you.

… We really enjoyed today’s service, and even managed to persevere with the newer hymns. Already looking forward to next week, thank you so much.

… Superb service again. Well done!

… Hi dear friends, My wife and I just wanted to say an enormous thank you for the inspirational service we were able to be a part of this lunch time. Both Stan’s talk and the quality of all aspects of the presentation were brilliant, a real credit to all concerned. We have passed the YouTube address on to two other couples who also love Lanzarote as much as we do. We can’t wait to return again, once this pandemic is behind us. In the meantime, bless you for all you are doing for our Lord.

… You keep raising the bar,  well done.

… Dear Stan, Another lovely and inspiring service. Amazing how you are keeping us together during these times of official isolation. Well done and many, many sincere thanks.

… Thank you so much we in the wider church appreciate all that you are doing to keep us together and look forward to meeting you all when this is over.

Feedback on our service on April 12th, 2020:

…We have really enjoyed your youtube services and have passed them on to friends in the UK, so a very big thank you from us and from our friends, you are doing an amazing job and we really appreciate it.

… I must say, the services you have already shared have really uplifted us in these dark days. We are resisting the temptation to watch Sunday’s service, as it will be all the more poignant and special tomorrow. With our love and prayers!

… Dear Sunny, You cannot imagine how much we look forward to your weekly videos and keeping in touch with Lanzarote. Congratulations to all involved and especially my old friend Stan – what a great gift the Good Lord gave to us all.

… I love the idea of LIVING ROOM SERVICE once this is all over as it would keep me connected to the church during my summer months in the U.K. Brilliant that a way has been found that we can continue to support the church through on line banking. I do this with my home church so I know it works! Many, many thanks for all the time you are giving to get the services out each week. It means so much especially as I am here on my own.

… Thank you from our hearts! Your superb outreach reaches our souls with renewed light, hope and enthusiasm. We just LOVE the warmth, the sincerity, and the supremely generous interaction. It refreshes our hearts and souls. Thank you with love and appreciation. Your wonderful idea to continue is amazing…. we look forward to that with eager anticipation! Thank you! Our love together with a Very Happy Easter wish for one and all…. our extended global family!

… Thank you to all who made this service possible. A wonderful addition to a joyous Easter Day. An uplifting message yet again from Rev Stan.

… Well done again! Wonderful service! Best wishes for a very happy Easter day!

… Thank you so much for yet another wonderful service. It moved me to tears, so much so that T. was singing some of the hymns alone until I composed myself, a good sign we think! Please thanks Father Stan for us, and we wish you a lovely day.

… It has been uplifting to join in your services during lockdown and I must praise you for the beautiful way the service is put together. I, for one, would love them to continue on a monthly basis.

… Another good service today. Well done chaps. Must have been a lot of hard work in producing two in one week!

… Dear Sunny, Thank you once again for making my Sunday special. It was lovely to see and hear some of the people I know in LZ. This makes your Services so individual. I have seen some broadcast by, for instance, BBC which are ok but not with the personal touch you have given us. Please keep up the good work. Keep safe and may God Bless you all.

… Hi Sunny and Stan, Easter Sunday services don’t come better than that. Thank you! The power and relevance of the Resurrection message came across so convincingly. More than anything else, it lifted listeners and watchers out of any need for despair or sense of abandonment in our current dilemma. What also came across was the amazing level of thoughtfulness, energy and sheer hard work that you both put in to make it all so real and inspiring. And that was after an e-service only two days before. Thank you!! And carrying on with e-services and other lessons learned from lockdown was enthusiastically endorsed by the Archbishop of Canterbury himself on the Andrew Marr programme this morning. I have been sending the YouTube link to some of the less spiritually focussed members of my own family with surprisingly gratifying effects.

… Dear Stan, Lovely Easter Day Service today and also on Good Friday. Thank you so much. Wonderful the way you are keeping us altogether during these difficult times.

… Dear Sunny, thank you so much for all the hard work you have put in with Father Stan and no doubt many others to bring your services to a wider congregation. As an aside you should tell the BBC what you have been doing. How the Church has responded to the virus has been featured in their news programmes. The services have been a joy to join in.

… Thank you Stan and the Team for a wonderful moving service again on Sunday. It was very good to read that you are going to try and put out a monthly in house one to keep us swallows in the loop. Thank you all again. Love and good wishes to all.

… Dearest Stan, Thank you so much! You have no idea how much you help us though all the happy and sad times, and give us so much strength and uplifting messages to look on the bright side.

Feedback on our service on April 10th, 2020:

…Dear Sunny, thank you for all the time and feeling you have put into the Good Friday Service. It meant a lot to me. Now looking forward to the Easter Sunday service. Again, thank you so much for all you do.

… Thank you, thank you for putting together such a moving Good Friday Service and I look forward to joining you again for Easter Sunday. I had a great deal of trouble getting onto the site, but it was well worth the effort. May our God Bless you all out there in Lanzarote.

… Congratulations on another beautiful and professionally presented service. We loved it and we look forward to the next one on Sunday. We would also like to express our personal congratulations to Stan and Rosie, on the first anniversary of their arrival to the Parish. We express our appreciation as well, to both of you, for the special people that you are, for all your hard work and for what you have made so far, out of this lovely church community. Here is looking forward to a continuance, for many years to come. You make a great difference and we support you in every improvement that you work so hard to achieve. We appreciate the entire congregation. Our friends, who we know to be just as motivated as we are, thanks to the leadership and the fellowship, which generates such a wonderful atmosphere. May God bless all of you. Especially Stan, Rosie and Sunny, for these Services, during “Lockdown”.

… M. and I shared in your moving and beautifully presented Good Friday liturgy. Thank you so much.

… Hi Sunny. Lovely service and nice to see familiar faces reading the lessons. We miss not being there in person but we will keep up with the services here in Ireland. Good luck in the future.

… Happy Easter, The Lord is Risen! A big thank you for your service today, N. and I watched at 12:30 remembering we should have been with you on this special day. It is difficult to express our gratitude to you and Sunny for facilitating these services –  they are just perfect, please pass our thanks to Sunny.

Feedback on our service on April 5th, 2020:

..The service is beautiful and is down to all the input you gave it. Words were great to have. Prayers were truly perfect with the background music. Thank you so much for everything.

… Thank you. thank you. thank you. It is wonderful.

… We have cheated and watched the Palm Sunday service at 8am which is our usual worship time! Please pass on our thanks to Rev Stan and everyone else involved in the production of this service, it was absolutely beautiful, and very uplifting. Thank you so much.

… thank you particularly, Stan for bringing this to us in our homes, no one to see us cry!

… Dear Sunny, I have taken the liberty of forwarding the service to many friends and to our congregation in Gargave and have already had many grateful responses! It’s even more incredible that there are just the 2 of you producing such a high quality video. Thank you once again.

… Hi Stan, Thank you for your beautiful, challenging and uplifting service this morning. Both H. and I were blessed by it. These are strange times, but God is still on His throne and our hope and trust is in him.  I am all the more grateful for being able to participate in your most beautiful service this morning via YouTube. Thank you, Stan and every blessing.

… Dear Stan, What a moving service, it was beautiful & yes it did actually move me to tears, a big thank you, to you & all the people involved, once again I’m amazed at the skills & creativity!!

… Well done Everybody!

… and God bless you all kindly. Thank you Stan, we were with you in spirit and even partook of the bread and wine.

… Dear Reverend Stan, I have just participated in your Palm Service Sunday and wanted to congratulate you on a beautifully prepared service. It was a joy to sing the hymns whilst looking at the accompanying slides. I found the whole service uplifting, very emotional (I shed a few tears!) and very spiritual. I had a candle by my side and a wholemeal cracker and glass of summer fruits cordial so I could join in with you at Communion. God Bless you. I look forward to next week’s service.

… My dear Stan, Hosanna in the highest indeed. A wonderful service. Thank you to you and the team behind you and Rosie alongside you.

… Well done Sunny, lovely arrangement with the service today.

… It was a great joy for J. and I to share with you today in Lanzarote. We really felt we participated in the Holy Communion. As you said at the end we are learning new ways of worship. I found the prayers to be so relevant and the whole service done with dignity. Thank you again and may God continue to bless you and Rosie.

… Thank you all so much for putting this service together for us all to enjoy today. A truly wonderful service – Rev Stan could have been in the same room! And it was good to see Derek reading a lesson again. A truly uplifting experience – our thanks and love to you all.

… Stan and Rosie, Thank you for the services. They are a light in the day to be able to connect with the Lord while other people are also joining in. Just to use a little imagination and it’s like being over there with all in the church. Thank you again to all involved in putting them together very much appreciated.

… Sunny, Thanks for the excellent Palm Sunday service prepared by your team. Very pleased that you were able to enlarge the words on the screen for the older viewers.

Feedback on our service on March 29th, 2020:

… What a delight to join with you in your wonderful service of worship. Thank you! God’s love shines through Revd. Stan’s fabulous outreach,  packed with his enthusiastic rendering of inclusion and welcome! May your Parish’s open door be for ever blessed.

… Dear Stan – such an uplifting service this morning. So well thought out, prayerfully prepared and a beautiful celebration of the Eucharist with very uplifting hymns It was a privilege and a joy to be with you again. Bless you in your ministry which in these troubled times reached far beyond the shores of Lanzarote.

… Thank you both for a wonderful act of worship. We shared it with you this morning and it really made us feel at one with you all on the island. I can identify exactly with your part in it Stan, but the expertise of Sunny in putting it all together can only be wondered at. Please do mention next time that your “congregation” is far wider than simply Lanzarote.

… I am truly amazed at your skills enabling us to enjoy such a moving service together. Thank you so much & a big thanks also to those who participated. I know we can’t have Andre Bocelli every Sunday, but he always moves me to tears!!!

… Hello Sunny, Your email arrived like a miracle. Of course we are all in lockdown here too. What a blessing to be able to share with you all. Thank you so much, God bless you and keep you.

… Dear Stan, Thank you for a fantastic service, I was a bit cheeky and encouraged some of our congregation to tune in – The feedback has been phenomenal!

… It was actually really lovely. Loved the sequence that went with Beauty for Brokenness.

… Wonderful! Well done! Full of lovely emotions. T. and I thoroughly enjoyed the service today.

… Dear Sunny, Thank you for the Service. I listened to it during the afternoon, as other Christian programmes were on my tv during the morning. It brought my Church in Lanzarote so much closer. Carry on with the good work, bless you and keep you all safe.

… Stan, just heard from our Friends in Australia who are in total lockdown. They followed the Mass and gained so much from it they will definitely tune in next week.

… Hi Sunny, Congratulations! Today’s service was quite fantastic! Hugely moving, highly professional, and wholly inspiring. Thank you.  You have a real gift there, not just with the IT mechanics (which were brilliant), but with the graphics and the background to everything, especially the hymns.  I imagine it takes up a lot of your time.

Thanks Sunny for producing this Sunday service. You have solved the printed words font, even pensioners with poor eyesight and small laptops can read!!! Please give the team our thanks for an excellent production.

… I sat on my terrace and joined in your wonderful service. Such strength. Thank you and everyone at St Lawrence for being there for us all.

… Dear Stan, I have just listened to your Service from yesterday at Lanzarote. I thought it was brilliant! Your leading of the Service, your Sermon, the Readings, the prayers, and the worship songs/hymns (with beautiful pictures) were all wonderful. Please send me the link again next week.

… Dear Sunny, I cannot thank you enough for the great work you are doing and helping Stan keep in touch with his parishioners and friends in Lanzarote and overseas. What a fantastic idea and a way of continuing the ministry in these terrible times. Congratulations to all involved.

… I just wanted to thank you once again for forwarding the video for the Passion Sunday service. I really felt as if I was taking part.

… I am an old (ancient) friend and part time colleague of Stan from his years on the west coast of Ireland where his enthusiasm and dynamism was much appreciated. I found the Service profoundly moving and rewarding. It was also a joy to hear the readers and prayers so clear and those words ‘This is the word of the Lord’ spoken with such conviction and meaning and not the more usual mumbled afterthought.

… Thank you so much for sending the link to last Sunday’s service on YouTube. It was absolutely beautiful. It was wonderful to be able to sing the hymns together.

… Your services are amazing and thank you for sharing them with us – we wouldn’t miss them for the world and they give us the strength to get through the week ahead. Thank you for being so positive through this ridiculous period, There are truly so many people depending on you to pull them through these dark days, and that’s exactly what you are doing (can’t wait for tomorrow’s service). Lots of love and prayers.

Feedback on our service on March 22nd, 2020:

… Good morning, Revd. Evans, We have just joined with you at your service today and want to say ‘thank you’ for it.  We loved your choice of music, the photos and your sermon which was so warm and caring – thank you. Sadly, we did struggle to hear much of what was spoken by yourself in the liturgy, the reader and intercessor despite having the volume on our laptop on full…. We feel it a great humbling privilege that in these anxious and frightening times we can all come together across this huge Archdeaconry/Diocese to praise God, to ask for his mercy and to show our love and support for and to each other. We trust our loving Lord will keep you all safe.

… Dear Stan and all involved in producing todays’ service, thank you so much, for such a wonderful event, which T. and I thoroughly enjoyed. We both appreciate it very much, as we also do appreciate the fellowship of sharing with such a wonderful relationship with all of you.

… Many congratulations on today’s transmission. We watched at 12:30 on the dot it was excellent. I watched via sky connect and the sound was fine.

… Dear Stan, Thank you so much for sending me this. It was so beautifully presented and as always your words went straight to my heart, giving me strength and hope. I’m sure your warmth and sincerity had the same effect on everyone else who saw it. So thank you again.

… Hola, you are to be congratulated on producing such a wonderful service for last Sunday. A. and I both watched it. Sadly with my hearing problem even with my aid I was unable to hear spoken words although A. could. If you want a helpful comment, I would suggest the use of a microphone!

OCTOBER 6, 2019
Thank you for a lovely service this morning 6th October 2019. My partner and I are from newtownards.
Robert took the reading in church this morning.
Anne Smith