Prayer Candles

Prayer Candles – Anglican Parish Lanzarote

In these challenging times, we wanted to offer another new way of “staying in touch”, “
praying together” and “sending out our light into the world.”
These Prayer Candles are now available and whether you are a visitor, a resident or a remote friend – we are sure these candles, on which we asked the Lord’s blessing – will help you to make your days brighter when you most need it.
The candle itself lasts about 15 hours and has a light, comforting fragrance.
On the glass, we printed the beautiful outlines of Lanzarote and the words:
Together, let us bring light to the world.
So – on your next visit, please make sure to take some of them home – for you, for a friend or relative, for a neighbour.
Share the light and be the light.

Video of Blessing & Prayer

we ask you to bless these candles,
and let them always remind us that You are our Light in darkness,
our Protector in danger,
and our saving Lord at all times.
Their light shall remind us of Jesus Christ, Your Son,
who is the light of the world and the light in our darkness.
By virtue of Your holy cross, Lord,
pour upon them the virtue of Your heavenly blessing
and together with You, let us bring light to the world.
Give us, we pray, comfort in our anxiety and fear,
courage and strength in our suffering,
patience and compassion in our caring,
consolation in our grieving.
But above all, give us HOPE – now and always,
through Jesus Christ, Your son, our Lord.

Prayer Candles

Please get in touch with us by email for your candles. They will be available at our church services here on Lanzarote, but for those of you who cannot be with us this year, we can post them to you if you wish.