Harvest Service

We celebrated our Harvest Service in both churches on Sunday, October 11th, 2020.
In these services, we gave thanks for all the blessings in our lives and remembered all who struggle to make ends meet.
There are more families in need than ever, here on Lanzarote as well as in many other countries and places.
So, Harvest Giving is one of the many ways for us as a Chaplaincy to support the less fortunate and bring light to the world.

Even though our Harvest Service is over – if you want to support the local community, please do so. Give what you can – give with a full heart – and share with friends in Christ you might never have met.

For our residents and locals:
Please consider to bring an item or two of all-year-round appreciated donations to any of our services or drop them at Chaplaincy House and Centre.
Items to consider: Non-perishable quality items, hygiene and beauty products or clothes.

For our remote and virtual friends:
Please consider to send a donation with a referral to “Social Giving”.
Your donation will be used where it’s most needed, we are particularly supporting young mothers.

Please use our bank accounts for your kind donation.
Thank you.